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I restore vintage and antique machinist's too chests and cases back to the way they would have been if lovingly cared for over all the years they spent in machine shops.  These boxes were the mainstay for the lives of the guys who built America!  They held a significant investment in the tools and fixtures needed for them to perform their work.  I am pleased and delighted to return them to service in whatever capacity you prefer.  Repurpose them as you please, but please remember where they came from!  

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How can I use one of these Boxes?



Display your treasures in a real piece of ingenuity and craftsmanship.  Whether you collect knives, pens, coins, or bottle caps, they will display better in a vintage tool box.  

Jewelry Box


Many prople mistake these for jewelry boxes, or think that I have converted them, and for good reason:  they are ideal for that purpose.  Their beauty and practicality are perfect assets for a jewelry box.

Accent piece


Beautiful finish, small drawers, shiny knobs - who can resist one of these as a conversation piece or accent piece?  They set a room apart by their presence.

Own a piece of history


These boxes tell of a time when quality was king and men had pride in their work.  Each one has the distinct feel of craftsmanship and pride of ownership.  



We all have things we are attached to but had no place to store and display them.  Now there is no good excuse!

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I work out of my home workshop and love to have visitors!  I can arrange for private showings here, too.  

About Us

Quality restorations and sales of vintage machinist's tool chests, cases, and boxes


I find neglected, abandoned, and available machinist's tool chests and bring them back to life for a new purpose.  Thay were made in oak, mahogany, chestnut, birch, and leatherette,  Many of them are over 100 years old!  

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Committed to Quality


We believe quality should never be a compromise.  I use only high quality materials and finishes.  I repair, refurbish, and reuse all the parts I can.  

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I have tool chests and cases by Gerstner, Union, Craftsman, CE Jennings, Pilliod, Hammacher Schlemmer, National Cabinet Co., and more in a wide variety of wood species and finishes.  

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Terry's Toolboxes

1414 Alto Vista Drive, Melbourne, Florida 32940, United States

413 531-1634

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